I just want to ask you about if you would like to live in Athens or Sparta. I just like to ask you. It’s just that i like to know.

This is my essay about it. I think Athens is better.

I would like to live in Athens rather than Sparta. This is my choice. I would like to suggest this to you. It is interesting and I think you will agree too. There are several reasons why I think Athens is better place to live than Sparta.

First of all, Athens is a democratic city. I think it is very important to let us have a chance to vote or to choose things that we want, or I think the city will be very cruel and scary. However, Sparta is one of the city-states that have communist government. It is seem to be severe. I don’t like that strictness.

Second, I think that Sparta killed too many people compared to the number of people killed in Athens. There is a huge difference. Sparta had the strongest army during the ancient world. However, thousands of people were killed during training or when they were a baby. I might get killed very easily too.

Third, Athens is very much developed economically and culturally, so they had the most power in the Greek city-states. Spartans were just forcing people and they make no good. I think this is the best reason for me to live in Athens rather than Sparta. If Athens is strong, I guess I would like to live there. Also, it is much peaceful in Athens.

I would like to live in Athens rather than Sparta because Athens has democratic government, are peaceful, and powerful. These were the reasons why I want to live in Athens rather than Sparta. I think Athens is great!